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Windows 10 Overview

Windows 10 is here and is being called the friendliest user version from Microsoft yet. Windows 10 gives you a finished project feel, bringing the best of Windows 7 and 8 together. If you have not heard yet, Microsoft is upgrading all Windows 7 and 8 users for free to the new OS. The upgrade is quick and easy to do, giving you access to a more modern OS.

Once you have updated to Windows 10, we at Sierra suggest looking for the app called “Get Started.” this app is Microsoft’s overview of the new OS, it will help you to familiarize yourself quickly. When clicking the start menu you will be greeted by both a list of apps and the Live Tiles. This weaves two previously found features in older operating systems together. Microsoft gives the ability of rearranging the Live Tiles to user’s preference. The majority of the light personalization will be available underneath the settings.

The last question you might have is “Where is Internet Explorer?”  The answer being: replaced with Microsoft Edge. This can be found on the bottom of the screen in the “toolbar” also called the taskbar.  If you have further questions about Windows 10 please call us.


5 Quick Tips to Make Your Android Faster

First tip, which goes for almost all technology these days, is check for updates.  From your phone’s software to the latest Facebook patch, update them all for a better mobile experience.  Remove all of the apps you currently no longer use, any extra apps will just be slowing down the performance of your Android.  After removing useless apps, clean up your device’s home screen.  Most Androids come with their own home screen setup, sporting certain widgets that can slow down performance. If your phone is feeling sluggish try removing a widget or two that refreshes often. Live wallpapers will also affect your phones performance. One simple solution is switching your phone to a “power saver” mode when you are getting low on battery. If you have tried all these tips, sometimes a device needs a full factory reset. This will destroy all your data and set the phone back to factory conditions, hopefully solving all power/speed issues

Chromebook Flip

The Asus Chromebook Flip measures in at 10.1 inches, weighs just 1.96 lbs., and has a starting price of $249. The screen also flips like the name suggests, which is still pretty rare for a Chromebook. It has a nice smooth touchscreen for when it is in “flip” mode making the Chromebook easy to use like a tablet.  Asus does a nice job integrating features you would find on their netbooks in the “Flip.” If you are considering a netbook for lighter traveling and browsing purposes, you will want to consider the “Flip.” The cheaper Chrome OS may get you more bang for your buck then trying to find a budget Windows laptop.

Cortana Invades Mac

Parallels is a product used for Windows virtualization on Macs.  “Parallels 11,” one of the companies newer virtualization tools, not only will support Windows 10 on your Mac, it will also put Microsoft’s own virtual assistant “Cortana” on your  OS X desktop. 

Window’s Cortana availability on Mac  will come long before Apple’s Siri comes to their desktops.  Parallels 11 is currently on the market for $80 and will give your Mac the ability to run full Windows or Windows apps.


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