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Visitor, Happy New Year!


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our January 2016 Newsletter.  We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

2016 CES

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Las Vegas from Jan. 6-9, 2016.


Samsung’s 12-inch Windows 10 tablet

Samsung will be releasing an all new tablet running Windows 10 in this New Year.  The tablet will feature a twelve inch ultra-high definition display, full Windows 10, and 4GBs of ram.

With the entry price based at $455 this tablet might be a cheaper option then the Surface Pro 4.  The tablet's makers are also considering supporting an "S Pen" that could rival the Surface's pen.  This tablet will be unique to Samsung's field of tablets currently because all the current tablets support Android.  Windows 10's mobility features could encourage a crossover from Androids to Windows Mobile Devices—this just might be the reason for the new tablet appearing with Windows 10 instead of Android.


First steps for your new Android phone

It is exciting to get a new phone, but what are the first steps for a new Android?  First you will be walked through the generic setup, which will prompt you for your google account info.

Then you can use Google's Tap and Go to retrieve the apps of your old phone. It will take a few minutes for the apps to download, just make sure “NFC” is on.  Pro tip: make sure to go through your apps and delete the apps you no longer use.

Another advantage Android has is that you can customize them nearly any way you want.  Two cool apps to checkout to help you modify your phone for looks/productivity are Nova Launcher Prime and Action Launcher 3. 

For device support and email setup call us at Sierra.


Moto 360 Sport: Going for a Jog

The best time to get fit during the day might be during your lunch break because it may be only time you have for exercise during the day.  In that case consider grabbing a jog with the all new Moto 360 Sport.

Packed with great hardware this smartwatch can easily track your routes accurately.  The watch does a good job tracking your running even when you are jogging in place at a red light.

The device tracks steps, heartrate, and even calories burned. This is a cheaper smartwatch that is geared towards the more active outside type that want to mostly use it for GPS and playing music.


Our Services

Since 1998 Sierra Corporation has been providing IT and Computer Services.

We are proud to provide IT Solutions that help businesses like yours be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

- On-site or Remote Technical Support
- Computer/Server Repair
- Network Configuration/Troubleshooting
- Server Configuration/Troubleshooting
- Data Recovery/Prevention of Lost Data
- Simple and Complex Secure Back-up Solutions
- Monitoring Tools – that can be deployed to assist in resolving issues with your network
and devices.
- VoIP Phone Systems – Stop paying huge phone bills!–provide voice service over the
internet. Enables you to have a full featured phone system similar to what
Fortune 500 companies use, but at a much lower cost!
- Web Hosting, Email Hosting & Development
- Website and web application development
- New Computer Hardware – we do not mark up equipment sales to our clients, our
discount is passed onto you, and so you get great prices when you need equipment!
we are a reseller for Dell

You will find our response time to be the fastest in the business!


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