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Visitor, router hacks are real!


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our February 2016 Newsletter.

Is it possible your router is being hacked?

It is important to know that your computer is not the only piece of technology that is vulnerable to hackers. Your router is responsible for connecting many of your wireless devices to the internet.  This presents a major issue to the basic user because of the complexity of securing a router.  Hackers can access your router if it is unsecured and launch attacks such as reading your sent emails, even if they are encrypted.  Hackers are also able to pretend to be you and search from your address or launch attacks onto other networks from your router.  Many manufactures don't have a fix or a patch to find these holes in their network products.  Here are some tips to keep you a little more safe: don't use the routers default password, update the router with the latest firmware, and if your router is more than a couple years old you may want to consider purchasing a new one for increased network security. If you would like your router's security checked, please give us a call at Sierra Corporation.

DARPA Invites Proposals for a Brain to Computer Interface

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a research and defense arm of the U.S. Department of Defense, announced last week that they will award up to $60 million in funding over four years towards the development of an implantable chip for the brain to be used as an interface for data transmission.  The project called Neural Engineering System Design may create devices that could help with sight or hearing deficits.  A requirement is that it be a single device measuring one cubic centimeter, the size of two nickels stacked. They have invited proposals to design, build, demonstrate and validate the interface; multiple awards are expected.

"The brain is probably the last medical threshold we haven't been able to cross with medical devices," noted Venkat Rajan, Global Director of Visionary Healthcare at Frost & Sullivan. "Treating a lot of degenerative disorders -- whether related to pain, Parkinson's disease, mental health, or vision problems -- with drugs hasn't necessarily always worked," he told TechNewsWorld. "The brain is just a circuit, and if you can interface with it with microelectronics and address issues, that can be a significant improvement in the quality of life."


Federal Trade Commission Gives Warning about Baby Monitors

Last month the Federal Trade Commission warned parents about the potential of baby monitors being hacked.  The FTC said four out of the five monitors they looked at could be accessed using easy-to-crack passwords.

They also said that two of the five did not have encryption from the monitor to the home router and one from the router to the internet.  The FTC strongly urged parents to look for baby monitors with “strong security protocols” and to choose strong passwords.

For further information click on the following link -


CES 2016:  A few highlights....

The Polaroid Snap+, an instant print camera, not available until Q4 - $99.99 - 

ReliefBand is a wearable wristband which treats nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy or motion sickness and has been FDA cleared— $75 - 

Spun is a utensil that will track your calories and nutrition as you eat. It is available for preorder on their website and will ship in June - $75 -  

Parrot Pot keeps your plant hydrated as an intelligent automatic watering system - $99 -  

A CES first occurred when a booth was raided by U.S. Marshalls.  They confiscated from a Chinese hover board company one-wheeled Trotter electric skateboards and related marketing materials.  Future Motion, a Silicon Valley start-up, claimed it had patented a similar design which also had a single center wheel, called the Onewheel  at a cost of $1,500 -

Edwin the Duck is the latest in rubber duckie technology—it is waterproof, and has a Bluetooth-enabled speaker with a smartphone app that plays games and measures bathtub water temperature at a cost of $99 -


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