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Visitor, will there be 5G soon?


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our July 2016 Newsletter.  Happy July 4th!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active - New on the Market Exclusively with AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is getting great reviews on several aspects, especially in regard to its strength. It is MIL-STD 810G certified, which are standards that test durability, ruggedness, and reliability. Strong enough to take drops on hard surfaces (from under five feet), and resilient enough to withstand harsh conditions such as salt, dust, humidity, and rain. The phone is waterproof and can be put in five feet of water for thirty minutes without damage. It has rubberized, ridged corners, making it sturdier and easier to hold onto. A texture on the back of the Active will keep it from sliding and slipping around.

The Active has an always-on display so that when the screen is turned off, information such as time, date, battery life remaining can be checked without powering on the entire display. Also included is split-screen multitasking, which is easily activated by pressing and holding the recent apps button, which is left of the home button, then tap two apps to view them side-by-side. It has all the security features of the S7 including a fingerprint reader in the home button, which is easy to set up—under a minute, and keeps one from having to enter through a password screen each time. Samsung Knox security features are also on the Active, which means your private work data will be secure with hardware-level encryption.

Apart from its rugged, industrial strength utility and military rating, there are other aspects that make it different from its competitors. The most notable is the 4,000 mAh battery that blows away its competition, supporting both fast and wireless charging It has the ability to last much longer than one day and even multiple days if you use the Doze and Power Saving modes. The display on the Active is also shatter resistant. The Galaxy S7 Active can be purchased at the cost of $794.99.  Click on the following link to see an overview -


5G Networks Coming Next Year

The 5G Conference was held in London on June 29-30th and it is being said that the U.S. can look forward to the possibility of having 5G networks with wireless carriers. On July 14th there will be a vote by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to open up the next-generation 5G wireless applications. If approved, the United States would be the first country to do so.  Both Verizon and AT&T have said they would begin trials next year. 5G networks will provide higher speeds and capacity, some saying by as much as four times with lower latency than existing cellular systems. Verizon is already saying that its first 5G application will be “fixed wireless” home internet. Home internet is where we will most likely see 5G first implemented with the replacement of DSL, 5G home internet, wireless phone, home phone, “quad play” of DirecTV TV service. 5G may be what is needed in order for driverless cars to take to the road, as low latency is required.  Many expect it to boost technologies that are controlled in the cloud such as energy grids, transportation networks and water systems. The race is on amongst countries to see who will implement it first, since the European Commission, South Korea, China, and Japan are all working on 5G research. South Korea and Japan are planning to have it by the time they host the Olympics.

YouTube - Mobile Live Streaming

YouTube announced at the end of June they are planning to put mobile live streaming directly into their app.

They expect to offer it more widely soon, as it has been offered since 2011 with the live streaming of the Royal Wedding and Felix Baumgartner’s leap from space. Broadcasting will be as simple as tapping the app's red capture button to stream your video live.

Just as with the videos you take now, search, recommendations, playlists, and protection from unauthorized use will still be available.


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