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Visitor, did you know that fitness gadgets are at RISK!


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our January 2017 Newsletter.  We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Fitness Gadgets and the RISK

Fitness gadgets and smart watches help to increase productivity of the everyday person.  The devices are designed to track the amount of hours slept, calories eaten, and the steps walked in one day.  Most people these days are data driven so these devices are great, but what happens when that data becomes accessible to the public?

We walk around all day wearing these smart devices in and out of public networks. Depending on what the device is linked to and programming specifications, it gives hackers the opportunity to access information about our age, gender, ethnicity, health habits, medicine routine, and ongoing information. This information is then taken to insurance companies and other health companies, which in return enable the companies to profile and adjust their rates.  Users must be careful to make sure the devices "permissions" are restricted and that the fitness/smart devices are not linked to anything with sensitive data.



The navdy is a heads up display unit for any car.  It turns your car into a "smart car" enabling your car and phone to give you input through a heads up display in front of your steering wheel/eye position.  The device enables your smartphone to be displayed through the transparent display screen in front of you-keeping your eyes in front and on the road.

The device can be used for maps, texting, phone calls, and other mobile applications. Navdy plugs into your your vehicle using an OBDII plug giving it power and data from the vehicles electronics. The current price on the company's website is $799.  Navdy will eliminate the dangerous interaction with cell phones and other devices in the car.  The heads up display reacts to your hand gestures and has smart technology to reduce your driving risk.

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2017 the year of Artificial Intelligence

2016 was the coming out of artificial intelligence and although it is expected to spur economic growth it comes at the expense of the potential loss of millions of jobs. The U.S.government has been investing in AI for 50 years and recently the White House has said that AI technology will be held to specific standards in the automotive, aviation, and finance industries and foresees virtual personal assistants housed in smart glasses, automated factories that assist humans in complex building tasks, and systems that provide better data for farmers. IBM, Google, and Microsoft all have current AI projects.

AI surrounds us, we have it in our phones, smart watches, computers, and in our shopping malls. It has become essential in all software, business, and big data solutions. The ability to intelligently solve massive amounts of data will also progress health care and agriculture. 2017 will be an interesting year with the embracing of AI for economic productivity and trying to implement it ethically.


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