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Microsoft Surface Book Pro 4 with Intel’s New Processing Chips

Microsoft is getting rave reviews on its recently introduced laptop/tablet, the Surface Book Pro 4, with many saying it’s their favorite amongst other choices. An attractive device, it has a slightly larger display (12.3”) than its predecessor and is slimmer as well (1.73lbs/786 grams). The high resolution screen with PixelSense display has extremely high contrast and low glare. The screen can be detached from the keyboard and is a tablet by itself.

The Surface Pro 4 has Intel’s new chips—the 6th Generation Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 processors making it more powerful. It comes preloaded with a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Pro and a Microsoft Office 30-day trial. Windows 10 comes pre-installed with Mail, Calendar, People, Xbox (app), Photos, Movies and TV, Groove, and Microsoft Edge. Pricing begins at $899.

Tracking Your Every Move

Many companies are tracking your every move as you browse the internet.  They are gathering information to create a profile and often times without your knowledge or consent.  This raises privacy concerns, as companies are making money by selling your personal information. The Federal Trade Commission has asked Congress to create a “Do Not Track” program to stop companies from collecting your personal information or browsing history.

Here are some modifications you can do to opt out of tracking—on Facebook opt out of ad-tracking by clicking on the down arrow at the top right of your Facebook page and go down to “Settings”, then on the bottom left of screen click on “Ads”, then in each section of Ads click on “Edit” button, then go to “Pair my social actions with ads for” and in the box choose “no one” and then hit “save changes.” Turn off Google’s tracking by going to your Activity Controls page.  Microsoft Internet Explorer has InPrivate Browsing, which will help keep information (cookies, temp Internet files, history, etc.) from being stored during your browsing sessions. By default, toolbars and extensions will be disabled.  Right click on Internet Explorer and in Tasks click on Start InPrivate Browsing.

Shopping during the holiday season? - look for the “Locked” Symbol on the Browser

It is important to make sure your browser has the “locked” symbol on your browser if you are sharing critical information like a credit card number.  This tells you that the page is encrypted.  The URL should also begin with https:// not the usual http://

If a site is not encrypted, it is very easy for someone to intercept site traffic and steal your information.
The following official website of the Department of Homeland Security offers tips on how to protect yourself when shopping online this holiday season -

Smartphones and their Disappearing SD Storage Slots

If you have been a smartphone user of the past decade you have noticed many changes.  You most likely started your smartphone journey with a Blackberry and now today you are using either an Android or an iPhone.  The smartphone world keeps improving, making mobile productivity more capable than ever before.  Storage also has been made easier than ever, back in 2008 the biggest Micro SD card that you could fit in your phone was a 16GB, now we have 2000GB Micro SD cards.

The big question it poses, “Why doesn’t my new Samsung Galaxy or my iPhone have a Micro SD slot?”  The answer: Money.  The 128GB iPhone 6 costs the regular consumer $200 more than the 16GB version, but adding that extra storage costs Apple less than $50.  By companies removing the Micro SD slot they are forcing their costumers to spend more money.

There are still many smartphones out there today that offer all the same Android benefits and a Micro SD slot, like the Nokia Lumia 950 XL (also runs the full Windows 10).  When you go shopping for your new phone, you may just want to opt for companies that support giving customers a Micro SD slot.

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