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Cyber-attacks – do you have off-site backups?

With today’s modern threat of cyber-attacks, one must diligently stay up-to-date and have multiple image and file versions of back-ups. Following strict protocol can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of cyber theft and losing your information entirely. To reduce these risks there are several steps that small and large businesses can take.

One of the most optimal steps you can take to secure your private network and your information is by having your own server.  Many businesses know to backup their data, but it is essential to do incremental backups that are kept offsite. This will reduce the risk of data loss. Having a recent backup will keep you from losing current files. It is hard to guarantee that automated third-party backups are being done routinely without monitoring them consistently.

It is important to review your computer/network security and evaluate your vulnerability to an attack. Even more critical, you need to assess your ability to fully recover from an attack should one happen. Speak with a Sierra technician further if you would like to discuss your security or back-up procedures. According to the SBA, almost half of all small businesses have fallen victim to some form of cybercrime.


Project Loon - Internet for All

Expanding the world’s internet access and granting everyone contact with the World Wide Web would be a monumental step forward in connecting the world. Project Loon, which began in June of 2013, is a research product developed by Google with the mission of giving web access to the most remote areas in the world.  It may be hard to believe, but two-thirds of the world still does not have access to the internet. Google’s approach is one you might find in a sci-fi movie—high-altitude balloons placed in the stratosphere at an altitude of about 11 miles to create an aerial wireless network with up to 4G-LTE speeds. The idea is to connect five billion of the world’s population who are without internet access. Google hopes this will help further education in many areas without internet access.

PowerShake - a new prototype for sharing battery life

We use our smart phones for everything—conducting business, maintaining our social lives, and keeping ourselves entertained.

These devices are phenomenal for productivity and entertainment, but almost all come with a serious flaw—there is never enough battery life. It is difficult to make it through a day without recharging at least once. A new invention called PowerShake allows mobile devices to wirelessly charge on the go.

The PowerShake uses an electromagnetic field to generate and charge another device—simply hold the two devices next to each other and let the transfer of charge begin. This could be the solution to all of those looking for a place to charge a phone—allowing one to stay on the move and continue with the work day. 


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Since 1998 Sierra Corporation has been providing IT and Computer Services.

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- Monitoring Tools – that can be deployed to assist in resolving issues with your network
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- VoIP Phone Systems – Stop paying huge phone bills!–provide voice service over the
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- Web Hosting, Email Hosting & Development
- Website and web application development
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