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Privacy Policy of Pokemon Go Reserves Right to Share All Data

There has been a lot of hype over Pokemon Go in the past weeks and although it may be getting people out and moving, one should realize what is stated in the privacy agreement before downloading the game. Agreeing to the privacy policy means that players give up their right to privacy and agree to give up access to their personal data and more. The company that created the game, Niantic, has stated that it has the right to share the data with third parties, which includes potential buyers and law enforcement. This would include the right to share the storage, locations and cameras used to participate in the game. The policy states that information is being collected as a “business asset” including email addresses and information taken to sign up for the game from a Facebook and Google account.  If Niantic were to ever sell, the policy states that by agreeing to the policy, they have the right to give your information to the buying company. Children who installed the game when it was initially released may have given access to their Google account, but there is an update to fix it.  A lot of information can still be obtained including age, email address, locations and websites visited, and more. Third party apps are also collecting information and users should be careful as some could contain malicious Trojans, adware and malware.

For iPhone users, the game can access location, camera and photos. Full access is given to the app when iOS users log in by using their Google account, allowing the app to “see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account” including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps and more. For Android users, the game can access a user’s USB storage, contacts, network connections, as well as, precise and general locations of the device and camera, and more.

Click on the following link to go to the Pokemon Go Privacy Policy -


Fingerprint Locks on Phones being Hacked

Fingerprint locking of your phone may seem a much better way to go than having to remember a password, after all it does come across as easier, but it is important to know that hacking has even been proven possible going this route. At a 2015 Black Hat convention. It was shown that a fingerprint could be rebuilt from a file used to store it even hacking a scanner enabling the ability to get fingerprint images.  Biometrics may not be as safe as you may think because you are leaving your password everywhere you leave your fingerprints.  Even as early as 2008 a photograph was used to recreate a fingerprint and film of flexible rubber containing partially dried glue was proven to be all that is needed to affix to a finger to leave the print on doors, telephone or biometric readers. Recently, hackers have even shown how Play-Doh can unlock an iPhone. Passwords can be changed if you are hacked, whereas once your fingerprint has landed in the wrong hands, a fingerprint cannot be changed, it is forever. This information is troubling considering many government and private firms are using fingerprinting for authentication purposes. Fingerprints are also not protected by the Fifth Amendment, as they are physical and not “testimony”. Police would not need your permission to unlock your phone because fingerprints are often collected in their procedures. Recently, a judge in California approved a search order to police that compelled a person to press their finger against an iPhone. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld, without the need for a judge’s permission, the right of police with a valid warrant to demand that a person in custody provide physical evidence such as fingerprints.

How to fake a fingerprint and break into a phone -


Verizon to buy Yahoo for $4.83 Billion

Verizon announced on July 25th that it will acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion; they plan to integrate it with AOL which they purchased last year for $4.4 billion. Yahoo’s decline since its peak in 2000 when it was valued at $100 billion is blamed on the inability to keep up with technology, more specifically social media and mobile devices—trailing behind Facebook and Google. If you are someone that has a Yahoo email account, you may want to update it, but not to worry right now, as you should have until 2017 when the deal is closed.  Verizon will gain 600 million monthly mobile users plus one billion monthly active users with the intention of gaining revenue stream through digital advertising. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer who moved over from Google in 2012 stated in her closing letter, "Yahoo is a company that changed the world. Now, we will continue to, with even greater scale, in combination with Verizon and AOL."  Unfortunately, with 10,000 people employed around the world by Yahoo, the buyout may mean thousands could lose their jobs.

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