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Microsoft introduces Surface Studio – “world’s thinnest LCD monitor”

Microsoft has introduced their first desktop PC, an ultra-thin 28-inch adjustable, touchscreen PixelSense display that will fold to an angle, thus converting it from a regular computer to a drafting table.  The Surface Studio has a 6th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro operating system and a surface pen included.

According to Microsoft, this monitor is the “world’s thinnest LCD” for an all-in-one PC at just 12.5mm thick and is made of lightweight aluminum. The display boasts 13.5 million pixels, which Microsoft states is 63 percent more than in a 4K TV. Made of Gorilla Glass, it has a 4,500 x 3,000 resolution. Although the screen does weigh in heavy at 13.5lbs it has what Microsoft calls a “Zero Gravity” hinge, seemingly weightless, and can fold from its upright position to a 20 degree angle for “studio mode” where it becomes a drafting table to write and draw on.

The Microsoft Surface Dial, a completely new Bluetooth powered peripheral is a new way to interact with the Surface Studio (can also be used with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book). The Dial, similar to a knob, can be used to bring up menus, confirm selections, and change options. For example, one can use it to change volume controls with Pandora or Spotify. The Surface Dial goes on sale November 10th for $99.

Pre-order the Surface Studio starting at $2,999 through December 1st by clicking on the following link and get a free Surface Dial ($99 value) –


Strengthen Your Passwords

When changing your passwords it’s important to make strong passwords—good security can be achieved with a password that is about 12 characters long that includes three of the following—an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, digit, or symbol. When creating a strong password try not to use a predictable pattern such as changing a letter to look like a symbol (S to $), instead think of a full sentence that is easy for you to remember such as “I like to shop on Friday 2pm!” and convert it to a password – IltsoF2pm!  Assess the strength of your password by testing it here -

A stolen password often compromises another account elsewhere, which makes it hard to track the initial breach point unless it's highly publicized. The black market is also notorious for reselling personal information to consider, so be weary. It is important to choose a strong password to protect your information from being stolen and to prevent identity theft.


FCC Votes for New Privacy Rules

On October 27th The Federal Communications Commission in a 3-2 vote will now require internet service providers (ISPs) such as Comcast and AT&T to obtain permission from customers before gathering, using, and sharing with third parties personal information, including browsing history. “The rules specify categories of information that are considered sensitive, which include precise geolocation, financial information, health information, children’s information, Social Security numbers, web browsing history, app usage history and the content of communications,” the FCC said in announcing the regulations. ISPs argued that that the standard should not be any different for them than Google or Facebook and lobbied hard against the privacy laws. AT&T in a regulatory filing called the ruling “unreasonably rigid” and said that collecting data was a way “to keep customers apprised of new products, services, and discounts in this highly dynamic marketplace.” If AT&T were to own Time Warner, they could charge for Internet access and subscriptions to HBO’s $15-a-month streaming video app, earn revenue from ads and from selling its user data to third-party marketers.

Data considered less sensitive, such as email address or service tier information, could be shared unless a user opts-out; however, ISPs can still collect information, but are not permitted to share it. Tracking usage history to recommend changes to a data plan would still be allowed without the consent of the user. Two ISP policies will have no changes—if customers agree to being tracked online they can offer a pay-for-privacy subscription for discounted internet service and ISPs can still enforce that arbitration be used prohibiting class-action lawsuits. FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, in spite of the criticism said, “it is the consumer's information, it is not the information of the network the consumer hires to deliver that information. What this item does is to say that the consumer has the right to make a decision about how her or his information is used."


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